Workshop head Torsten Biermann in front of the large bay while moving James Lee Byars’ work “Golden Sphere”.
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The Foundry

The Noack foundry has been a part of Berlin for four generations. Innovative work and steady reliance on traditional craftsmanship have earned this family business international renown. For decades the company has been working for clients around the world.

Artists value their close professional collaboration with our excellent staff, whose skills span a broad range of specialties. Our team’s professional knowledge, artistic sensitivity, and years of proven experience with every stage of production, from working models to the finished product, ensure that the artistic concept is honored throughout the production process.

Along with offering the ideal technical and spatial features for a foundry, as well as high-level expertise in traditional casting and numerous patination techniques, we also fulfill all the requirements for resolving logistical, structural and safety-related installation and assembly issues in accordance with European and international norms.