Transporting Jos Pirkner’s “Bullen von Fuschl” (The Bulls of Fuschl) to the exhibition site in Austria.
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The installation and assembly of artworks and built structures, especially individual or multi-part large-scale statues, requires special knowledge, especially when it comes to movable or rotating objects. The advance planning and construction of statics, both for the object and for its location, is also part of the installation process. Along with concretely securing objects, we also take on logistical and safety-related tasks. Together with our specialist collaborating partners, we accompany, supervise and document the transportation and construction of artworks and special works at every step of the way until they reach their destinations. Naturally, this includes everything from the transfer and installation of needed safety elements to the relevant supporting structures and auxiliary constructions. Our services also include disassembly, storage and reinstallation of sculptures, objects and architectural elements.